About Avion

Avion believe in simplicity. It should be simple to get a quick quote on your flight. It should be simple to book your flight. It should be simple to get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding your flight.

We at Avion have over 20 years of experience within aviation and are currently working within other areas of the aviation industry. Through our daily connection with the airlines we can swiftly get a quote for your flight and be booked without concerns.


We deliver service with concern and feeling that our clients deserve. We care about our clients and will do anything for them to be pleased with our commitment.


A quote should not take long to get no matter how complicated it might be. The key to a good cooperation is that communication works quick and simple.

Contact us at info@avion.se or +46 8 58 777 500


We live and breathe airplanes! With our experience as pilots we know the business, we know our airplanes, we know our airports. You can’t find a better partner than that.


We make sure you can deliver that little extra for your customers which makes you stand out against the competition. Special catering, printed headrest covers, signs at the airport are many areas that can make a difference. Through our daily connection with the airlines we can deliver service with the consideration and awareness that our clients deserve.


Follow Avions 3 simple steps. If you accept our quotation, we will confirm your flight with the aircraft operator. After that, your flight is booked.

No, usually not. The total cost of renting your own airplane rarely exceeds the cost of time consuming regular flights. Reason for this is that you can, with your own timetable, cut down on stopovers and hotel nights, plus tailor your departure times.

No, we only supply rental of entire airplanes.

Avion’s contacts within the aviation industry will guarantee you the best price for your flight. It does not cost you anymore to use us as your airbroker.